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Custom Upholstery Furniture

There are so many different levels of custom and ways to accomplish a custom design. Not only can you have custom pillows and window treatments made, but you can also invest in custom upholstery. Buying custom upholstery furniture is the best way to ensure you’re getting exactly what you want in your design. Additionally, custom furniture is not necessarily more expensive than furniture purchased through certain big box retailers.
What does CUSTOM mean when it comes to upholstery?
There are many different ways to customize your upholstered furniture. If you are recovering something you can easily choose a specific fabric for the body of the chair, and you can also add trimming to the cushions or around the base of the piece. You can even take it a step further and choose the fiber content of the cushions. Often times older furniture will need new cushions when you are reupholstering. If that’s the case, you can decide if you want your cushions to be firmer and filled with a poly blend fiber, or if you prefer softer cushions you can fill them with a down and feather blend. You should remember that if you fill your cushions with a feather blend they will need a little more attention and fluffing with daily use.
Reupholstered club chair
Not only can you customize your upholstery when you are having something recovered, but you can also buy something completely custom. If you’re used to instant gratification, then buying custom upholstery might not be for you. Custom furniture takes time because it is made-to-order. Like reupholstering something, you can choose your fabric, trimming, and cushion content; however, many companies also let you take it a step further and customize the dimensions of the furniture. This is a great option when you need a piece of furniture for a specific space that is a little unusual and a standard sofa or club chair doesn’t quite fit right.
Where to buy CUSTOM upholstery?
Shopping custom is a very popular concept right now so there are a lot of options when it comes to buying custom upholstery furniture. That being said, it’s a little more difficult to find companies that will allow you to customize your furniture from start to finish. Several big box retailers let you choose from a selection of fabrics they supply, but you’re not able to customize the dimensions of the chairs. You’re also handcuffed a little because you’re only able to use their line of fabrics –
You don’t have COM capability. (COM means customer’s own material – meaning you can send in your own fabric to the manufacturer for them to use when constructing your upholstery).
Here are a few larger retailers that allow you to customize certain aspects of your upholstery: Ballard Design, Restoration Hardware, Serena and Lily, Pottery Barn
(Remember: There are many different wood grades used in the internal framing of furniture. There are also different methods of cushion support. Both of these factors greatly affect the price of upholstery and the longevity of its life.)
Decorators often buy high-end upholstery furniture through companies that allow you to customize every detail of the furniture. This is a great option and really contributes to the overall uniqueness of their designs.
Here are few trade-only lines that decorators like to use: Lee Industries, Taylor Scott Collection, Charles Stewart Company, Century Furniture, Kravet Furniture, Minton-Spidell, Edward Ferrell + Lewis Mittman
Because Club Sally gives you access to the same lines that decorator’s use, we’re also able to help you purchase custom upholstery furniture through trade-only vendors. Through Club Sally you’re able to customize your dimensions and choose your fabric, trimming, cushion content and finish color. We’ll even send you free fabric and trimming samples so you’ll be completely confident in your design.
Custom Ottoman

Another way to invest in custom upholstery furniture is to have something made from scratch. Local craftsman build the framing and then an upholsterer will cover it in the fabric and trimming of your choice. For creative people with a unique vision this can be a really enjoyable and rewarding process. At Club Sally we’ve successfully facilitated several “from scratch” upholstery projects, and we loved being a part of such a detailed design process with creative clients.

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