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Remodels and renovations are hard work, but the process can be a very exciting and rewarding experience. That being said, the process can often times be a long process, and it’s important to have a good plan in place on the front end.

Architectural Drawings & Interior Layouts

An overall plan should consist of several different things. Plans can include architectural drawings and interior layouts. Depending on the scale of the project, you’ll need to think about everything from placement of your plumbing and your electrical fixtures, to the size of your can lights and the shape of your sink bowls. In addition, you’ll need to think through tile materials and paint colors and molding styles and even floor layouts. Even though all of these decisions have the potential to get a little overwhelming – just take it one decision at a time.


Construction samples

Function After The Remodel

It’s always a good idea to hash through as many details as possible on the front end. Also – you might want to consider getting in touch with an architect or a designer for consultations on some of the tougher questions. The biggest question to ask yourself on the front end is how you want the space to function after the remodel. Think through the way you live – everything from the furniture you relax on and the traffic pattern through the room, to the natural place to turn the lights on and off. Doing a remodel gives you a unique opportunity to make the way you live more efficient, comfortable, AND beautiful.

Furniture Layout

Another thing to think about is how your furniture will layout in your newly renovated space. While you can always have furniture custom-built to fit a space, if you want to re-use certain pieces that you already own, then it’s important to make sure they will fit in your new space. Reupholstering existing furniture to work within your new design is a great way to give new life to good bones. A remodel is also a great time to really think through how and where your art will hang. You’re given the opportunity to really highlight certain spaces and display your favorite pieces. Whether it’s a large fine art piece or a grouping of family photos, think through what’s important to you and make sure you have a designated space for it.

Color Scheme

Color scheme, color scheme, color scheme. Having a color scheme will really help you stay on track as your project develops. Decide on your color scheme from the beginning of your remodel and then refer to it as you choose everything from flooring and paint colors to fabric and wallpaper. Don’t be afraid to take a few risks and embrace color in your design – create a space that you want to live in and one that will also be interesting for your guests.

A remodel is a great time to really research and discover the style -or many styles- to which you are drawn. It can be enlightening to think about why you live the way you do and the areas in which you wish to modify your lifestyle. While remodels can be tough, don’t be afraid to ask for help. A good contractor or even a friend with good taste can make a world of difference and renew your confidence in taking on a design challenge. Whether you’re deciding between herringbone or subway tile, or a chenille or velvet sofa, taking the lead on your remodel and design project is a very rewarding and satisfying experience.

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