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When you think of home, what do you picture? Probably the things that make home your special place, the things that make it unique to you. As you design your home, keep in mind your personality and how you can reflect it in your home.

At Club Sally we want to help our clients really experiment with their own unique style. The products we offer let you layer custom details across different aspects of your home. We want to help you make your designs really unique and one-of-a-kind. From trimming on pillows to custom window treatments – there are endless options and ways you can customize your designs to be a reflection of your personal style. 

Bunny Williams was quoted in a recent article by House Beautiful saying, “If you truly love something, you'll want to put it on display. Use and enjoy your antiques and unique finds.” She was referencing this image below of a beautiful antique screen that was placed in a bathroom, but it’s a great thing to remember in general when it comes to your favorite design elements. Think through what you have in your home whether it’s a piece of artwork, a favorite fabric, or even a custom lampshade. Be thoughtful about where you place the things that you love and be sure to put them in the spaces you spend a lot of time.

House Beautiful

A few years ago my husband and I invested in a painting by Andrew Bucci, a well-known Mississippi artist. We were fortunate enough to meet him at a local art gallery before he passed away, and we decided that night to purchase one of his colorful figurative pieces. When we got home we had the hardest time deciding where we wanted to hang the piece, and it landed “temporarily” on an empty wall in our dining room. We don’t eat in our dining room everyday, and I didn’t think that would be the place where we’d want to hang something that we loved so much. We realized though, that while we don’t sit in that room often, the painting was in our direct line of sight every time we walked in the back door, and every time we came down the stairs. We moved it into the living room for a short period, but we ended moving it back onto that wall in the dining room because it was the best place for us to see and enjoy it the most.


What are the things you have in your home that you really love? Have you splurged on investment pieces or a special fabric that you’re too afraid to enjoy day in and day out? The pieces you love the most are probably the things that are the most reflective of your style and who you are. Use and enjoy these things – put them on display for yourself and your guests, and embrace the uniqueness of your personal style.

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