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Looking at paint chips can be an overwhelming experience. There are so many shades of so many colors. A lot of times we gravitate towards the ones that look the most normal. But, in actuality, all of those seemingly strange colors can really turn out to be exactly what you need to make your dream home a reality.

My husband and I are drawing near to the end of our extensive renovation of a 1950’s ranch style home. It was a bank-owned property that was being sold as a tear down. When we walked through it though, we couldn’t help but think how interesting the architecture was and what a shame it would be to see it demolished. We’ve had a really fun six months working through electrical plans, wall placement, flooring choices, and a total kitchen remodel – and now the really fun part starts!

Paint Swatches

I am learning first hand that choosing paint colors can be very daunting – especially with updated homes that have open floor plans and fewer defined spaces. In the past few weeks I’ve done a good bit of research about choosing paint colors and it seems most professionals share a similar sentiment: Don’t choose the most obvious color.

In an online article by House Beautiful, designer Robin Bell was quoted saying, “The perfect wall color is seldom the prettiest shade on the fan deck. Give that slightly drab stepsister color a go – it will be far more interesting.”

In the same article, designer Richard Keith Langham said, “I get bored without color in a room. Interesting, strong, clear colors are easier to live with in the long run than pale colors. People always think it’s the opposite, but in actuality soft colors get boring much quicker.”


As I’m choosing paint colors for our home, I’m keeping in mind this advice from experienced designers. While you don’t have to put bright colors on every surface, it’s probably worth it to experiment with different shades than those to which you're naturally drawn. You want your home to have interest, for your eye to wander from one focal point to another – don’t let your space turn into one vast sea of the same shade. Though you might think pale and neutral will be soothing, according to Langham it will actually become boring rather quickly.

Check out this article for color combination ideas from HGTV, or visit this Pinterest page to see how Richard Keith Langham uses color in his designs


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