What if I see a product online or in a magazine that is sold to-the-trade only, but I don't see that vendor or product listed on your website? 
Not all of the vendors we work with are listed on our website, but in most cases we can buy anything from any vendor. If you see something you like that we don’t represent on our website - let us know! We are happy to set up new accounts and continue to connect you to great products whenever possible.

Do you work with designers, architects or other Trade members?
Ask about our Trade Program. We offer special services for creatives who are buying products for resale. Contact us for more information.

What if I want to see a product in person? 
If you live near a Design Center, we'd love to set up an appointment for you to visit your local showrooms. We understand that sometimes being able to see goods in person can make all the difference when it comes to designing your own custom space. Not sure if you live near a Design Center? Contact us for more information. We'd love to point you in the right direction, or invite you to visit our growing library of fabric, wall covering, and trimming. 

How do you ship antiques? 
Because our antiques are all one-of-a-kind items, we strive to give them the best possible chance to arrive to you in perfect condition. Antiques have to be packaged, transported and insured in a very specific way. For that reason, the cost to ship antiques is generally higher than an ordinary item. We prefer to quote shipping costs for our antiques on a case-by-case basis. By doing this we insure that our customers get the best possible price for each product shipped. 
How long do items take to arrive after I place my order?
We buy and ship products directly from the vendor. For this reason, availability and lead time depends totally on the vendor's available stock. We try to list only in stock items as our featured products. As a general rule, custom upholstery takes 6-8 weeks for construction. We will advise on stock and availability for all other items as they are quoted to you. 

How do I calculate how many yards of fabric I need for my project? 
Determining how many yards of fabric, wall covering or trimming you need for a project can sometimes be tricky. We recommend speaking with your local upholsterer or wallpaper hanger to confirm the amounts needed before purchasing. For a general estimate refer to the guide below: 
  • Sofa - 18 yards
  • Loveseat - 14.5 yards
  • Club Chair - 9 yards
  • Wing Chair - 9 yards
  • Ottoman - 4 yards
  • Dining Chair - 2 yards
  • Barstool - 2 yards